Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stanford University Campus

Stanford stonework
A few shots of Stanford Campus in the late afternoon sunset. I decided to shoot in HDR and to try to get some of the billowing clouds as they swirled around and turned pink. All shot on my Nikon D90 with the Sigma 15mm EXDG FISHEYE lens in Manual. Each image is 6 exposures a stop apart and tonemaped in Photomatix Pro with the Painterly effect for a High Dynamic Range Image. I didn't really think that I would put them up on my website but I got a few positive responses so I figured I should blog about it. I really missed the best part of the sunset reflecting on the clouds but what I really missed was two joggers who decided to take a swim in the fountain in the twilight hours. I don't think I could have captured an HDR shot as they would not have been able to stay still for the long exposure shot would I have even asked them, but it was pretty amusing non the less.