Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HDR Hot Rods

20110529Hot Rods-black automobile
In Capitola California I found a little gathering of hot rods showing in the parking lot across from the DMV on Capitola Ave near the Jewel district. I had my camera and gear and a few business cards so I decided to shoot a few of the cars I liked and see how they come out when I tone mapped 9 images into one high dynamic range image. I shot with my Nikon D90 with my 15mm 1:2.80 SIGMA EXDG FISHEYE. I gave my card to a few guys and then a few asked me to take pictures of their hot rod. At first, I had my settings mistakenly set to Programmed Auto mode. After a few cars I realized my mistake and set it to Aperture mode. I changed the f/stop around a few times, but kept it around f/16. White balance was auto. After I set up the image in Live View, I make sure my attached bubble level is even and then set up the bracketing sequence. Because it is Aperture mode, the speed is the variable. I bracket down to -4 and set it to auto timer and it will shoot 3 shots a stop apart -1, 0 & +1 in sequence. That way I get a -5, -4, -3 when I set it to -4. Then I dial down the auto bracket set to -1 and then finally +2 with 3 shots each equaling 9 shots all in separate brackets a stop apart. In Lightroom 3, I export them to Photomatix Pro that will tone map the 9 images into one HDRI. There are a variety of settings, but the grunge effect is the most dramatic when shooting hot rods. I was even able to get a 3 image photo of a group of Rumours The Salon employees posing in the back of a hot rod flatbed truck with beautiful wood railings. Amazing none of the models moved during the 3 shots thus messing up the final image. Anyways, I hop the owners find the images and like them enough to purchase a few or set up some new shots!