Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jeffrey Daniel Parry's Kite Aerial FIsheye Lens Photography

Jeffrey Daniel Parry's Kite Aerial Photography
(KAP) captures a unique perspective from the line of a kite! From his home at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel since 1997, Jeff launches his kites and attaches his Coolpix 5000 with the adaptable true fisheye lens to capture stunning 180 degree circular images. As if looking at the Earth from space, the subject fills the whole imagesphere with ocean, earth and architecture. Jeff uses the picavet cross suspension rig to stabilize the camera with lightweight pulleys to capture a smooth picture. The 500ft kite line can often be seen in the picture that leads down to his position on Earth. Some images are angled just so to capture the faint image of the kite and fuzzy tail on the very edge of the 180 degree picture. The photos are printed at full resolution on metallic photo paper. Visit