Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bolsa Night Rocks

Bolsa night rocks I shot this from Bolsa Point just north of Pigeon Point on May 6th, 2012, the day after the "Super Moon." I was really just scouting, to see where the moon would rise for the next couple of nights because I believed it would line up with the lighthouse. I was far off, because as you can see in this picture some of the rocks are silhouetted by the moon light to the left of the image as it illuminates against the white water waves washing around the jagged reef. I also used an LED flash light to "light paint" illuminate the immediate foreground. I especially like the can opener rock in the center of the image. Taken at 400 ISO, f/4.8 at 30 seconds I got a little too much light from the lighthouse and I had to dodge the horizon a bit, but other than that, I think it came out quite nice. I will continue to seek this effect out with other angles around the lighthouse I love. Catherine Steele wrote that her father described the wreck of the Carrier Pigeon on June 6th, 1853 to be at Bolsa Point and not Pigeon Point.