Monday, December 9, 2013

Night at Home time-lapse (Pigeon Point Lighthouse)

Along with the cold winter nights are the cloudless nights that afford incredible views of the starry universe at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. A relatively windless night helped me to capture a clean time-lapse as the tripod has little or no movement during the process. All 260 shots were 30 second exposures on my wide 15mm Sigma fish-eye lens. The aperture was wide open at f/3.5 and the ISO was at 1600. My Nikon D600 is able to do time-lapse on its own, but not at the largest file sizes possible. It is able to capture timed photos with out external intervalometer being plugged in. I also had the exposure delay working so the mirror would slap up 3 seconds before the shutter opened in order to minimize any shake the mirror might make when the exposure is rendering. I programmed the timer to take the next shot every 35 seconds so the 30 second exposure plus the 3 second exposure delay plus the remaining 2 seconds could have enough time to write the data to the SD card. I purchased an extra battery back-up so I could do these long exposures plus the multiple exposures with out running out of battery power and not have to plug in the camera to an outlet. Fortunately it was just a short walk from my bathroom window so I did not need to camp out next to my camera but could in fact relax in my home. I did have to be careful not to turn on my bathroom light or not to use a flashlight as I walked from my home to the camera as it would have been captured by the 30 second long exposures. I wish I had the power to tell flight traffic control to do the same ;) After about 5 hours I had 270 photos that I could edit one and sync the settings to the rest in Lightroom 4. I then used LR to create a Slideshow with presets for the 24 frames per second that I needed to develop the slideshow. Unfortunately it does not save the photos in RAW 4K but in the lower resolution 1080P. I think its good enough for now but I would like to publish it in 4K. Anyone out there who can point me in the right direction with out breaking my credit card debts would be awesome! Thanks for reading and please do remember to follow. :D Jeff

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